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The recommended starting dose is 100 mg. Avanafil ought to be taken orally as required approximately thirty minutes before sexual acts. Based upon individual efficacy and tolerability, the dose could possibly be increased into a maximum dose of 200 mg or decreased to 50 mg. The best dose that provides benefit really should be used. The most recommended dosing frequency is once daily. Sexual stimulation is essential for just a respond to treatment.
Where to Buy Avanafil Online?
It was approved by the FDA in April of 2012 and the official brand name it was given by it's manufacturer Vivus is Stendra. You can now officially order Avanafil.
Avanafil Online
A test result showed that men who have erectile dysfunction are from the age groups of 40 to higher mostly. It was seen that older men are affected by ED. At the age of 40, 40 % men suffer from ED. The other batch of ED sufferers are from the age group 65 or more. The reason why these men accept Avanafil more than the other drugs is because it works in less than 30 minutes right from the time of ingestion.


Our Review for Avanafil

Men do not like to talk about it, but most of them had embarrassing moments caused by erectile dysfunction (ED). Sometimes it can be just a psychological factor, but more often it is a problem that can be solved simply by taking the right medication.

The most frequent type of the ED medications are of phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors class that include already well known pills like Viagra and Cialis that have been on the market for ages. However, the results after taking these pills were not very satisfactory and many men did not find them being a good solution to restore their potency and act prolongation. Good news is that recently one more medication of the same class was added to the usual ED market – Avanafil from Vivus Inc.

Avanafil works by smoothly relaxing the blood vessels muscles and increasing the blood flow to the penis, which leads to the penile erection.The duration of the effect provided by Avanafil can last up to 6 hours. Avanafil has advantages that make it stand out from the crowd, having the similar way of work as the other medications of this class Avanafil works faster than other drugs. During the tests the effect was seen only in 15 minutes (maximum in 30 minutes) after taking the pill. The shortest waiting period was also mentioned in multiple Avanafil user reviews, proving these pills to be the fastest acting medication of this class. Moreover, this drug is not affected by food intake or diet change and, according to the data from Vivus Inc, you can take it with a meal, which makes it different from other ED medications of PDE5 inhibitors class. Another good side is that this new drug from Vivus Inc is also considered to have minimal side effects: Avanafil reviews will usually mention back pain, headache, rhinitis, cold-like symptoms or mild dizziness. (Though it is safe to use Avanafil with alcohol, excessive alcohol intake may increase the possibility of these side effects). Sometimes more serious side effects can occur: changes in vision, loss of vision or hearing, redness, itching, rash, chest pain, fainting, painful penis erection or erection that lasts 4 hours or longer. Stop using Avanafil immediately if you experience any of these side effects and call your doctor immediately.

Avanafil is available in tablets of 50mg, 100mg and 200mg and has the trademark name Stendra. The pills are taken orally with or without food. It also should be noted that after taking 50 mg of Avanafil the effect will be usually seen in up to 30 minutes, whereas after taking 100 or 200 mg dosage, the effect will come faster – in around 15 minutes. The dose can be increased or decreased depending on the effect, though the maximum should not go over 200 mg a day and should not be mixed with any other medications treating ED. The interval between Avanafil intakes should be 24 hours. For more accurate dosage, consult your doctor and do not change the prescribed dose.

If you want to try these pills, you should not worry about how and where to buy Avanafil as Vivus Inc. made it an easy-to-get medication by putting it in online sale. Besides the usual drugstores, there are numerous vendors that will have Avanafil for sale on their websites and in online pharmacies. If you do not have a local pharmacy that has Avanafil available, you can easily buy it online and get it delivered to your doorstep. Just make sure you find an online pharmacy that will give as detailed information as possible. The price is flexible and depends on the source you address, but normally Avanafil cost goes up to 10$ per a 100 mg pill. A lower price can be paid if you order a bigger number of pills. Normally, online pharmacies give discounts starting with 20 Avanafil pills and more. Some online pharmacies will provide a certain percentage discount for new customers and bigger discounts for loyal customers.

Avanafil is a simple in use medication in open access. These pills can be bought with or without doctor’s prescription, though it is highly recommended to have the latter before using any medication. Before using Avanafil, consult your doctor and tell them about any health related issues as Avanafil may not work or even can cause harm to your health if you:

  • Are allergic to Avanafil or any of its components;
  • Have allergy to other medications;
  • Had or have heart-related problems such as a heart attack, a stroke, a heart failure, irregular heartbeat or other;
  • Have chest pain, severe liver or kidney disease, any hearing or vision disorders, anemia, high or low blood pressure;
  • Take any nitrate drugs such as nitroglycerin, isosorbide mononitrate and isosorbide dinitrate;
  • Plan to take or are currently taking any other prescribed or not prescribed medications (including medications for ED), vitamins or supplements.

Also make sure your healthcare provider knows you are taking Avanafil. In case there is an emergency treatment, especially connected with heart issues, you should be also able to tell the last time you took these pills.

Alongside with all the positive effects of Avanafil, do not forget that this medication does not cure erectile dysfunction, does not prevent pregnancy and does not protect you from sexually transmitted infections or diseases including HIV; it is also not an aphrodisiac and will not increase sexual desire or cause excitement. In order to get more detailed information you should consult your doctor and follow the given instructions for a better effect.

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